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Short review of the performance last night
I was fortunate to attend a performance in the Abbey last night (27th April) based around Shakespeare’s two plays about Henry IV. In addition to some memorable scenes from the plays, we had Nick Asbury reading from Chaucer, who was a contemporary of John of Gaunt and Henry Bolingbroke. As an avid fan of the Histories it was truly amazing to hear Clive Wood saying the opening words of the plays again. Roger Watkins and Geoffrey Streatfeild gave us the scene between Falstaff and Hal where they take it in turns to imagine how King Henry will deal with the errant Hal. Geoff and Clive then played the scene in Part 2 when Hal brings back the crown and is reconciled to his father. Finally, and to the chimes of Big Ben, King Henry took his last journey to the (actual) Jerusalem Chamber. Magic. 
I found the accompanying music a little disappointing: I’d been expecting a fuller, more ecclesiastical sound but, all in all, a fascinating evening. 

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In case you have not noticed from the comments on the previous post on Clive Wood

News flash
Oh dear, Clive is no longer listed on the Shakespeare’s Globe website as playing Cardinal Wolsey. No further news.

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And the gentleman in question will be playing Cardinal Wolsey at Shakespeare’s Globe from 15th May to 8th August. Get booking! See http://www.shakespeares-globe.org/ for more details. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that Clive was absolutely mesmeric, in the Histories company, as Bolingbroke, Henry IV and the Duke of York. Also in the cast is Dickon Tyrell whom some may remember from the millennium Richard II production that starred Samuel West.

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