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Tim Minchin – Wow!

Just back from ‘An audience with Tim Minchin’ at the Courtyard Theatre. I can not decide who is more brilliant him or the RSC for giving him the opportunity to develop his artistic integrity and join the Matilda team.

Although I had noticed him, I had no real knowledge of his work but as was obvious from the audience he has become an obsession for many! I drove home four teenage girls who were slightly swooning over Tim but also demanding to go and see Matilda again after listening to the story of how the songs and the show developed.

 What is satisfactory is to know that because of the successful collaboration between in Tim’s words ‘the greatest theatre company in the world’ and the team put together for Matilda this particular ‘comic’ will have the confidence and backing to go on to create other artistic work for the theatre instead of becoming just another panel show guest. And he has no doubt introduced some newcomers to the joy of live theatre. Also what a fantastic and rare venue the Courtyard was for this type of evening……

Jane Cromack

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