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I was very lucky to see a preview of “Dunsinane” this Saturday at the Hampstead Theatre. The play takes up the story of “Macbeth” almost at the point where Shakespeare finished but with some major differences in the story, for example, Lady M lives, and it focuses on what the “good” Englishman Siward does in Scotland after Macbeth’s death.

The piece is beautifully written (David Greig) and effortlessly blends humour with violence and the darkest aspects of human behaviour to describe what happens when, even with the best of motives, cultures collide. Sound familiar? The production is full of energy and vigour, as the actors charge through the audience, and yet the story is told with absolute clarity and purpose.

Book early, book often. This is a show you MUST see.

by Geraldine Caulfield, London

Book online at www.hampsteadtheatre.com or call 020 7722 9301

For more info look at www.rsc.org.uk/content/8770.aspx

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