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David Troughton: Q & A.

A full hall and a warm welcome from RSC Friends for David Troughton making his second appearance at this gathering. David lives locally and supports local schools by judging and prize giving at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s annual poetry competition. David’s work in the Stratford and the nearby village of Ambridge also revealed a number of hitherto unknown family connections to the Archers.

Continuing the focus on family relations David was asked to speculate on whether theatrical families like the Troughtons were the product of nature or nurture? David’s response was typically down to earth and while his paternal pride was evident he opined that his children could not help but grow up ‘knowing what actors do.’ All this delivered with a mordant wit that delighted the audience.

David spoke with feeling about the privations and insecurities of an actor’s life expounding on such diverse topics as the punishing schedule of appearing in three plays concurrently, the travel and dietary costs of a TV soap actor, and the health and equine hazards of filming in the Crimea!

It was mainly through the audience’s questions that we were reminded of the many lauded Shakespearian roles he has played in his long and distinguished career. David admitted to enjoying getting new roles and researching them, but with typical self effacement, said that ‘it was all downhill from there’. His passion for acting, and particularly his thorough research for new roles was evident in his absorbing account of the historical background to The Shoemaker’s Holiday and the collaboration between actors and director that resulted in this successful production.

A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining conversation that lifted the spirite on a dark and rainy afternoon.

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I expect many of you will know about this but I wanted to draw your attention to the 57th Poetry Festival that will be taking place in and around Stratford from July 14th to 1st August. The varied and interesting programme includes many RSC Alumni including Janet Suzman, David Troughton, Anton Lesser, Greg Doran, Kelly Hunter, Greg Hicks, Rory Kinnear, Mariah Gale and Jane Lapotaire. Wow! Details can be found at:

Click to access Poetry_v6_8pp.pdf

If any of you manage to attend some of the events do post in a review of them.

Jane Cromack

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