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Casting just announced by Sheffield Theatres is that Geoffrey Streatfeild will be appearing in “Copenhagen” with Henry Goodman at the Lyceum Theatre from February 29th to March 10th 2012.

 Have a look at http://www.sheffieldtheatres.co.uk/ for booking information etc.

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I’m told that Clive Wood will be appearing at the Almeida Theatre next year in Children’s Children, running from 17th May to 30th June. No confirmed casting on the website yet but keep an eye on http://www.almeida.co.uk.
Meanwhile, this week there has been a double treat for Geoffrey Streatfeild fans on Radio 4. The first, The Gate of Angels was on Saturday afternoon (10th) and can still be heard on BBC i player; the second play was on Thursday (15th) at 11 pm 2 of 4 in the third series of “Weird Tales”. Good listening.


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A couple of months ago I was told, in confidence, that a certain member of the Histories company might be joining the cast of the BBC TV spy drama “Spooks”.
Naturally, I’ve had my fingers crossed ever since as it has been a huge stepping stone in the careers of Matthew MacFadyen, Keely Hawes, David Oyelowu, Rupert Penry-Jones, Miranda Raison, Raza Jaffrey, Hermoine Norris and Richard Armitage and I’m, therefore, really excited to see that Geoffrey Streatfeild will be appearing in the new series that is currently filming.

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 Cardenio: a challenge‏ for you

Last Saturday, I attended a very interesting “conversation” between, the Friends’ own, Greg Doran and Tiffany Stern and chaired by Paul Edmondson at the Shakespeare Centre about “Cardenio”. Fortunately, it was recorded, so you can listen to the first half at http://bloggingshakespeare.com/listen-to-cardenio-in-conversation.  During that conversation, Greg admitted he had used two lines from Hamlet that none of the critics had spotted, so my challenge is: can anyone out there find it? Get checking!

News on Geoffrey

Fans of Geoffrey Streatfeild are in for a double treat next week as he’s appearing in TWO Afternoon Plays on Radio 4 at 2.15pm. The first, “Success Story” on Monday 20th, is about an actor on the brink of stardom when his past catches up with him. In the second, “Playing for his Life”, Geoff is a German tennis player who offends Hitler. Make sure you tune in!

 Happenings at Hampstead Theatre‏

Not content with putting on 3 new works and preparing for a season in New York, the old RSC company are also performing 4 plays in the Michael Frayn Space, in their spare time, and with a little help from some friends such as David Fielder, Martin Turner and Marjorie Yates. Sadly, for most of us, the plays (Mojo, The Bullet, The Price (Miller) and Ahaseverus) are only available for an invited audience but, I have seen one play, in my capacity as an usher, and I’m pleased to say that the production values and performances are to the RSC’s normal high standards. Shame that more people can’t enjoy them!

by Geraldine Caulfield

BUT – Happily you can see Dunsinane at the Swan Theatre, Stratford upon Avon now until July 2nd. First performed at Hampstead last year – I went to see it last night and thought it was very good – well written, thought provoking, great casting and music and funny which was unexpected. I highly recommend it.

by Jane Cromack

And just to add..


Some thoughts on DUNSINANE…..The opening night was marvellous. There was a great script from David Greig, super direction by Roxana Silbert and what a cast and set. Well done in particular Siobhan Redmond and Jonny Phillips. Congratulations to the National Theatre of Scotland


Enjoyed a chat with Tony-Boyd-Williams after the show about the merits of the play and how true it was of events happening today. I slept well but woke up, at 6.am, thinking about Dunsinane. I picked up the wonderful programme which includes the script and re-examined it. This is clearly a play that should be seen by all modern politicians and make them think hard about certain situations they place our commanding officers when involved in a country other than their own. If only one or two took note of this perhaps they would not be so prepared to make questionable and hasty decisions. It was clear to me that Jonny Phillips, as Siward, had given considerable thought regarding the role and he captured the part very adeptly and showing  the strengths and failings of even the most competent of COs when receiving instructions from weaker, greedier and ambitious superiors.


The horror and ethics of fighting a war that is not your own concern, in an alien country, is as topical today as it was then. Scotland? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya? Where next?


There was humour, which was superb and typical of people placed in impossible situations, and the dialogue between Malcolm (portrayed rather well by Brian Ferguson) on the Throne ,at the Great Hall, in Dunsinane very early in the play was both humorous and thought provoking. Indeed this is a play that you will think about for many days after.  If you have not booked to see this production, you should.


by David Stevens


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On the TV, first there’s Clive Wood in the rerun of “Landgirls”, BBC1 every Sunday at 6.15pm, then on 2 and 3 May it’s Geoffrey Streatfeild in “Case Sensitive” showing on ITV @ 9pm and, finally, on Thursday week a new series called “The Shadow Line” starts on BBC2 with a fabulous cast including John Heffernan, whose Richard II I raved about recently! And, for those who prefer creating their own pictures, R4 from 6th May @ 11.30 am provides an outing with David Tennant.
I’m sure, if we focus, we can follow ALL these shows! 

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…as Geoff Streatfeild is appearing in “Above Suspicion: Deadly Intent”, the latest Linda La Plante vehicle, showing on ITV1 @ 9pm for 3 consecutive evenings starting on Monday 3rd January. The cast also includes Natalie Walter, another member of the Tennant “Hamlet” company.


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..First is Geoff Streatfeild (again). This time on Radio 4 in the Saturday Play “The Inspector Calls” by J B Priestley at 2.30 pm. Then Clive Wood, yes honestly, is appearing on BBC2 in a three part drama/doc about, and called, Dunkirk. It is being shown on consecutive evenings from 1st June at 11.20pm.

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Death of a Salesman” in Leeds‏

Just back from seeing this wonderfully spare production at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. Very much stripped to its essentials. Nothing is on that stage that doesn’t need to be there and the result is an extraordinarily concentrated focus on the characters. Lex Shrapnel plays “Biff” and ranges from childhood adoration of his father through total disillusionment to a final acceptance of who and what he is. Brilliant. I was delighted to see that Tom Hodgkins is also in the cast as “Charlie ” the long suffering, indeed only, friend of Willy Loman. Another surprise was that Christoper Ettridge, a member of the millennium Henry VI/Richard III company, is playing “Uncle Ben”. The show is on until May 29th http://www.wyp.org.uk/events/list_events.asp


Keep an eye open for Lex’s latest movie “Emulsion” that he hopes will be in a cinema near you soon!


In case you haven’t seen this week’s Radio Times, Geoff Streatfeild will be appearing in the final episode of “Ashes to Ashes” on BBC 1 this Friday (21st). His character is called “New arrival”.

 And finally did you know….

The staff in the Costume Hire Department assisted Oscar award winning designer Janty Yates with the mammoth task of costuming Ridley Scott’s latest epic, ‘Robin Hood’ staring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. The film was released this week.

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Last night’s performance was based around Henry V but, as a bonus, we started with Hal’s rejection of Falstaff from the end of Henry IV (2) and finished with Henry’s burial from the opening scene of Henry VI (1). Another extra was a delightful extract from Holinshed about the benefits of archery practice as exercise read by Nick Asbury.

The first scene from Henry V itself was Chorus’ commenting on the night before Agincourt, beautifully done by Nick. Geoff then took up the baton as Henry reflected on the coming battle and prayed that God would not take revenge on the English army for the actions of Henry IV. Once again, Big Ben was right on cue, chiming the half hour as Henry pleaded with his God..”Not today, O Lord, O, not to-day, think not upon the fault my father made in compassing the crown!” Henry then exhorted us all, however few in number, to join the happy few, his band of brothers: I would certainly have joined them. After Agincourt, we listened to the roll call of French dead, once again accompanied by the chimes of Big Ben tolling overhead. The evening ended with a candle light procession to the tombs of Henry V and Katherine de Valois. Something you won’t get in any other venue.
Wow, definitely worth an hour’s wait in the return’s queue!


Before appearing at Westminster Abbey last night (4th May), Nick finished filming an episode of “The Misfits” for E4. This show is described as a “Heroes-meets-Shaun of the Dead” teen comedy drama and it features a cast of five teenage “outsiders” who get caught in a flash storm while on community service and develop superpowers. Wow!
In total contrast (I hope) today (5th May) he starts recording an episode of “Doctors”, the long running BBC 1 soap.
No transmission dates available as yet.

by Geraldine Caulfield

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Geoffrey Streatfeild can be heard on Radio 4 on 8th May at 2.30 in the Saturday Play, “An English Tragedy”. Written by Ronald Harwood, it tells the story of John Amory, the son of a WWII government minister, arrested for treason. Geoffrey plays John Amory.


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