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It was a delight, on Saturday, to watch and listen to the script/in/hand reading of The Hang of the Gaol in the wonderful Ashcroft Room. This superb play about corruption in a British prison so brilliantly written by Howard Barker was first performed by the RSC in 1978.

It never stops to amaze us how these readings can create such an enthralling atmosphere. This play, red/hot and not at risk of losing its topicality any time soon was no exception. Forbes Masson led the audience through hatred and sympathy with just the tiniest tilts of his voice but major kudos too to Stephanie Street and Rebecca Johnson and who could not love Matthew Wilson as Turk and Ricky Champ and Neal Barry, the two “Screws”. And wow to Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Sam Alexander and Oliver Ryan fabulous performances. Yes, it was great to listen to both of them, who together with Joseph Arkley and naturally Forbes were recent Ensemble actors here.

We were also impressed with John Stahl as the Home Secretary and keep asking ourselves who this was meant to be. Who was HS at the time? It was a really good idea to have this on at the same time as Marat Sade which we recommend. Thank you RSC

by David and Ingrid (Stevens)

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