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by David Stevens


March 22: – Standing ovation first night preview, even better performance when I took Ingrid on the 27th March and sure to be better and better. Beg, steal or borrow a ticket. Great Richard and brilliant cast and direction.

 Jonjo shines as Richard III at RSC’s Swan | Stratford Observer


Richard III RSC Swan Theatre Stratford JONJO O’Neill, with a little help from his friends, ensures The World Shakespeare Festival gets off to a gripping start

April 9: – You will be absolutely blown away by Pippa Nixon in King John– as the reviewer writes the role of a lifetime.

King John Reviews at Swan Theatre – Stratford-Upon-Avon – Whatsonstage.com


Luckily for a reviewer, there are nights in the theatre that completely reaffirm your love for the magic of live performance. Tonight is one of those nights. Maria Aberg’s production of King John is nothing short of a triumph. It is a vital and vibrant reworking of a neglected play that transfor…

April 23: – And today the Company welcomed the Iraqi Theatre Company who will be performing Romeo And Juliet in Bagdad at the Swan from 26 April to May5. This version of the play is in Arabic with English surtitles. Directed by Monadhil Daood. Sounds really exciting – music, poetry and ritual. Met them today- what a lovely group of people

May 1st: – Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad. Last night was wonderful both the performance at The Swan and the superb party at the Duck. An outstanding achievement from the Iraqi Theatre Company, It was pure joy. Rhythm, feeling and proof that, via Shakespeare, we are all Brothers. To Monadihil Daood and his team of actors and musicians all I can say is shukran (thank you).

May 4: – Having attended the understudy performance of The Comedy of Errors, it just confirms what a strong Ensemble of Actors and technical management team the Royal Shakespeare Company have available. Jonathan Slinger giving us an “Accrington” accent, the joy of Amer Hlehel playing Angelo, Sandy Grierson excelling with an English accent and his twin Sargon Yelda so strong in his part. It was clear that they along with the magnificent lady members deserved the applause from the audience. However ANKUR BAHL playing both Dromios stole the show- not easy when one considers how brilliant Felix Hayes and Bruce Mackinnon are in the usual show. Privilege to have been there and Ankur is one to watch out for. Bravo. Recommend to everyone to try and get to an understudy performance.

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The Friends of the RSC in Newcastle got together for a Coffee Morning chat in the Theatre Royal recently. Tea and a friendly talk by Yvonne Richardson about the RSC and the Theatre Royal going dark until September were the topics.

Everyone was interested about when the RSC would be coming to Newcastle and there were many questions concerning the new theatre at Stratford Upon Avon and who had seen it, what was it like and when would the RSC return to Newcastle after their stated holiday from the venue for this year.

The Theatre Royal is going dark from 14th March for six months to restore the auditorium to its former glory. All the seats which have been present since about the 1950’s are being replaced with new specially designed seats similar to those of the original 1901 Edwardian theatre. With this in mind, the old seats are to be auctioned, anyone who has a name on a seat is being given the name plate and also given the chance to buy a new seat. Some of the Friends at the coffee morning have seats so were discussing this topic.

Yvonne talked of the new plays in Stratford and who might be in them. Mention was made of Jonathan Slinger who is to play Macbeth, a popular figure since playing Puck at the Theatre Royal, while some of the Friends mentioned his performances as Richard 11 and Richard 111 at The Courtyard.

There was anxiety about when the RSC would return to Newcastle, the Friends being keen to get their annual compliment of the Bard. But with the arrangements for the Birthday Party in April and the promise of future talks by visiting parts of the company, everyone was feeling reassured.

Ideas concerning contact with the RSC were discussed, topics about recent plays, actors of the RSC and general theatre interests kept those presented interested until Lunchtime, when everyone then made their way home or into the town to shop.

For further information on the Restoration of the Theatre Royal Auditorium please visit their website at http://www.theatreroyal.co.uk/restoration

 by Violet Rook.

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Walking down Shaftesbury Avenue the other day, I noticed that Jonathan Slinger is in YES, PRIME MINISTER by Emily Joyce (who played Viola in the 1995 revival of Ian Judge’s Stratford set production of  TWELFTH NIGHT).

 And there’s a coincidence!  Sir Peter Hall is directing a revival of the same play at the National in January to celebrate his eightieth birthday. Joining daughter Rebecca as Viola, are a galaxy of RSC alumni – Simon Callow as Sir Toby Belch. Amanda Drew (from the 2002 Jacobean season) as Olivia, David Ryall (The Mysteries and Hamlet from the 1996/7season) as Feste, James Clyde (who played Feste in Neil Bartlett’s Courtyard staging) as Antonio, Jeffry Wickham (also in the 1996/7 season, and of course Professor Kirk in THE LION,THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE).They are also joined by Judi Dench’s daughter, Finty, who will be playing Maria, designer Anthony Ward and (as Geraldine recently informed us) the Assistant Director is Richard Twyman ex THE HISTORIES.

 Speaking of which …If you cross Waterloo Bridge and head for the New London Theatre, the current ensemble in WAR HORSE includes  Anthony Shuster from THE HISTORIES, Zubin Varla (no introduction needed) and James Barriscale who was a member of the Stratford company in 1994.

Aha  I have just noticed that a number of RSC alumni are appearing in the National’s current HAMLET, but I think a further blog is called for.

To be continued …

Tony Boyd-Williams

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There is an lovely, long interview with Jonathan Slinger, currently appearing in “Yes Prime Minister” at the Gielgud Theatre in London, on the Official London Theatre’s website http://www.officiallondontheatre.co.uk/. I wonder what and where his “return to the dark form” will be; we can only keep our fingers crossed! Richard Twyman, the Associate Director on the Histories and director of Henry IV Part 2, has moved up the road from the arches under Waterloo Station to the National Theatre, where he is the Associate Director to Sir Peter Hall on the production of “Twelfth Night”.

Geraldine Caulfield

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                                      This news has been Jonathan Slinger as Richard IIin the public domain for a while but, in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere, some information about Jonathan Slinger and Chuk Iwuji.

Jon will be going to Chichester Festival Theatre, http://www.cft.org.uk once he finishes in “The Gods Weep”, to appear in “Yes, Prime Minister” with Henry Goodman and David Haigh from 15th May to 5th June.

While Chuk is back at the National Theatre, London http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/ in “Welcome to Thebes” with David Harewood and Nikki Amuka-Bird, another “The Gods Weep” cast member, playing from 22nd June.

by Geraldine Caulfield, RSC Friends London

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Maureen Beattie will be appearing in Chekhov’s “The Cherry Orchard” at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh from 16th April to 8th May. More details can be found at http://www.lyceum.org.uk/. You will remember that Maureen moved effortlessly from playing the Duchess of York in Richard II, traded down to Mistress Quickly for the Henry IVs and V, was ennobled again as the Duchess of Gloucester in the Henry VIs and ended as another Duchess of York in Richard III.


This news has been in the public domain for a while but, in case you haven’t seen it elsewhere, some information about Jonathan Slinger and Chuk Iwuji.
Jon will be going to Chichester Festival Theatre, once he finishes in “The Gods Weep”, to appear in “Yes, Prime Minister” with Henry Goodman and David Haigh from 15th May to 5th June http://www.cft.org.uk/cft-productions.asp .

While Chuk is back at the National Theatre http://www.nt-online.org/  in “Welcome to Thebes” with David Harewood and Nikki Amuka-Bird, another “The Gods Weep” cast member, playing from 22nd June.

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Jonathan Slinger

Nick Asbury

Kieran Hill

Many of us enjoy watching the careers of actors who have been part of the RSC. For those Friends interested in where the members of the Histories ensemble are now, take a trip to the Octagon Bolton where Kieran Hill is playing a wonderfully theatrical “Bottom” in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”  until March 7th(www.octagonbolton.co.uk ). The Bolton production is directed by David Thacker, who worked at the RSC in the 1990s and stars Rob Edwards, another RSC stalwart, as Theseus/Oberon. Kieran played Mayor’s Officer in Henry VI Part I, Horner in Henry VI Part II, Westmoreland in Henry VI Part III, Lord Mayor in Richard III, Ned Poins in Henry IV Parts I and II and was in Henry V as part of the ensemble.

Just down the road at the Manchester Royal Exchange Tom Hodgkins has just finished a short run in “Raisin in the Sun”. Alongside Tom was Ray Fearon, a distinguished Othello for the RSC before he found wider fame in Strictly Come Dancing and Coronation Street and Tracy Ifeachor, recently seen in “Noughts and Crosses”. From the rave reviews let’s hope that this production will reappear in a theatre near you. Tom played Bedford/Bassett in Henry VI Part I, Duke of Buckingham in Henry VI Part II, Hastings in Henry VI Part III and Richard III, Earl of Westmoreland in Henry IV Parts I and II and was in Henry V as part of the ensemble.

Another “Histories” boy, Nicholas Asbury, is currently to be seen at the Orange Tree, Richmond, until March 20th, in a new play called The Promise by Ben Brown (www.orangetreetheatre.co.uk) about the birth of the state that became Israel. The play also stars Oliver Ford Davies, last seen at the RSC as Polonius to David Tennant’s Hamlet, and Christopher Ravenscroft, whose RSC credits include the original production of “Nicholas Nickleby”. Nicholas played Somerset in Henry VI Parts I, II and III, Vaughan in Richard III, Henry Bushy/Abbot of Westminster in Richard II, Pistol in Henry IV Part II and Henry V as part of the ensemble.

It is also great when our favourites return to the RSC and it is good to learn that Jonathan Slinger will be at the Hampstead Theatre next month in the RSC production of The God’s Weep.

by Geraldine Caulfield, Friends of the RSC, London

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