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Monday 21 June witnessed another splendid Public Understudy Performance – this time it was the turn of the ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA company. Prior to the action, Assistant Director Helen Leblique told us she was proud of these members of the ensemble for what they have achieved in a short space of time. A most enjoyable and stimulating afternoon confirmed that such pride was more than justified.

Indeed. the enjoyment was (in a most professional sense ) clearly evident on stage as Kathryn Hunter, Darrell D’Silva, John Mackay and Brian Doherty appeared in cameo roles whilst unselfishly supporting their colleagues appearing in the parts normally taken by them. What strength in an ensemble which can field such main performances as well as those from understudies Katy Stephens, Geoffrey Freshwater, Charles Aitken and Phillip Edgerley.

Special mention must also be made of Greg Hicks and Paul Hamilton who each played three roles! However, as accolade is due for the whole cast (and they were appearing in their usual roles that evening).

This never to be repeated performance crowned a series of quite unforgettable Public Understudy Performances by our 2009/2010 ensemble. What a further feast of theatrical memories. Ah, the privilege of now being able to tell the grandchildren “I WAS THERE”.

Tony Boyd-Williams

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