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Just before we look at the new season work David and Ingrid Stevens, RSC Friends in Stratford wanted to share their review of a couple of pieces of work which came at the end of the transformation offerings. 


Having been so lucky to have attended the RSC Ensemble Revealed event on the 27th March, 2011 at the Swan Theatre we have now bought the book- photography by Asia Werbel and Lucy McLeod and as compiled by Hannah Young, Kelly Hunter and Asia Werbel. It is available from blurb.com. There is a great shot of Valerie Thompson and Penny Kirkwood at the main entrance of the RST.

It is a superb souvenir to remember the Long Ensemble 2009-2011 and for the very worthy cause for James Gale.

Congratulations to all members of the Ensemble for their brilliant efforts raising money for James Gale. As an audience we thoroughly enjoyed everything they did. There were so many memorable moments but I would like to mention Brian Doherty. This was a poignant piece and so apt for our turbulent times. The audience was one and ready to join in “And the band played Waltzing Matilda”. Well done Brian, brilliantly executed and even better than the Pogues. We should congratulate Hannah Young and Kelly Hunter for organising the event and also David Collins and the lovely ladies from his RSC Marketing team who were so much involved in helping create such a great and worthy event for a wonderful cause. And one should not forget the Box Office and FOH staff who clearly did their bit as well Congratulations.

Camille O’Sullivan in “The Rape of Lucrece”

A good friend of mine told me that Camille was not only delightful but extremely talented. So off we went to watch “Lucrece”. Ingrid, my wife, wrote the following.

“People, who had seen her before, highly recommended it. So trying to get an idea of the text, I read through it and, honestly, I was a bit sceptical about how this might be performable. Camille, though, carried me away from the very first moment. The lines that look a bit tedious in the book became one great magical spell. With only her touchingly sweet hands and feet for a wand, she enchanted the audience and brought this Roman crime in Elizabethan words to a thrilling and moving topicality that could easily match any of today’s thriller productions. At the same time, it got so thoroughly deep into the emotions of the victim as well as the perpetrator that it was much more than that. Her voice, oh her voice was hypnotizing and Feargal Murray’s music always ready to touch this one admissible chord…A truly great performance”.

Yes it was superb. This brilliant lady portrayed with music this beautiful, albeit violent, narrative poem so well. I was mesmerized, but as Ingrid told me, so was the entire audience.

David Stevens, RSC Friends, Stratford upon Avon

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I expect many of you will know about this but I wanted to draw your attention to the 57th Poetry Festival that will be taking place in and around Stratford from July 14th to 1st August. The varied and interesting programme includes many RSC Alumni including Janet Suzman, David Troughton, Anton Lesser, Greg Doran, Kelly Hunter, Greg Hicks, Rory Kinnear, Mariah Gale and Jane Lapotaire. Wow! Details can be found at:

Click to access Poetry_v6_8pp.pdf

If any of you manage to attend some of the events do post in a review of them.

Jane Cromack

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