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Recent family business took my wife and myself down to Kent. Between appointments, a moment or two of relaxation gave me the opportunity to peruse a second hand book on the area which  mentions that in 1609, Shakespeare and the King’s Players visited Dover. It is suggested that a raging storm during their stay might have provided an idea for THE TEMPEST. I wonder? 

We were staying in the Cinque Port of Hythe, and local records suggest that after Shakespeare and Co performed in the town they were entertained by the local corporation to wine and sugar cakes. Ah well, I suppose it made a change from cakes and ale.

A walk through the town led us down THEATRE  STREET. No trace of any performance space today, but does the name indicate that Shakespeare performed here? Well he did write something about all the world being a stage, so why not in this part of Hythe either before or after that visit  to Dover? To be here or not to be here, now that really is the question!

by Tony Boyd-Williams

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