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Not only do our talented ensemble provide us with some truly exciting edge of the seat fight scenes  in Romeo and Juliet, but they are also able to quite effortlessly do so when all the cast play understudy roles. The public understudy performance on the March 30th was indeed one to remember, with the fight/dance sequences as powerful as ever.

We should indeed be grateful to Michael Boyd for his visionary outlook in making such performances available to us. By now, our ensemble are old friends and we welcome the chance to celebrate their continuing talents and quite unselfish ensemble teamwork. What is particularly important is that over the past two years, those playing major roles often play  minor or non speaking roles and seem to thoroughly enjoy doing so. It is also remarkable when such actors share a scene with their understudies and you sense their quiet but entirely supportive encouragement of colleagues. This really is ensemble and our theatre going in Stratford is all the richer as a result. 

All this was so much in evidence at this performance. Many thanks to Assistant Director Michael  Fentiman and the ensemble for putting on such a terrific  performance in ….was it really just a week?! Bravo to you all, and special mention must be made of our Romeo and Juliet for the afternoon, Dyfan Dwyfor and Debbie Korley.

All this whets the appetite for the public understudy performances of  KING LEAR and ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA in May. Meanwhile to the R and J company -“carry on fighting !”

 Tony Boyd-Williams

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