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So November 24th is nearly upon us when the RST re-opens. No doubt many of you have already been in the building one way or another. I did attend the licensing event and evacuated three times from the very back row of the Swan Upper gallery!! It was wonderful to be back in the Swan and we all felt a real sense of anticipation and excitement about the re-opening.

This week I became a lady who lunches and went with three friends to the Rooftop Restaurant for a taster try out session. It felt like being in two reality shows at the same time with downstairs the 60 minute makeover fast pace of hammering, painting, wiring etc. etc.  And upstairs the Gordon Ramsey Best Restaurant show – with feedback forms analysing the food, service, what would you pay for this course, are the chairs comfy – was that a hair in my soup!

I can report that the chairs are very comfortable, the house white wine excellent, the beef main fantastic and I just regret that I did not have room to test out the deserts. (Needless to say there was no hair in the soup!)

So we await next week, I understand the press go in early in the week so watch out for their response and then it will be our turn!!!

Jane Cromack

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