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Wednesday 14th July was a special day. Yes, I am well aware all French citizens and Francophiles celebrate it as Bastille Day but this year, the date was also special because it marked the first night of the revival of  David Farr’s production of THE WINTER’S TALE.

And what a night in the theatre! Some relatives from Australia were making their first visit to The Courtyard and also to a performance of the play. At the end of a marvellous evening in the theatre, their comment was “How wonderful to see so much talent on one stage”. It was in fact like a First Night in every sense  with performances, production and staging coming across as mint fresh. By the time, our splendid puppet bear made his entrance (I say “he “because it seems that back stage he is known as Bernard),the audience were ready to explode with enthusiasm. This was definitely a case of exit pursued by a bear, followed by spontaneous applause. Thereafter, much applause punctuated the performance with loud (and well deserved) cheers at the end.

There was so much panache on the part  of  every member of the ensemble , with rich relishing of Shakespeare’s text and totally committed and unselfish teamwork. Earlier this year, Michael Boyd wrote about this new season being the moment when the work of the entire ensemble really started to cook. Wednesday 14th July 2010 gave us yet another  real theatrical banquet and I am sure that the AS YOU LIKE IT ensemble will be supplying us with a similar rich theatrical feast when  the production is revived.

Hasten to The Courtyard box office all ye who have not yet purchased your tickets. 

Tony Boyd-Williams

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