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No, not my words but those of an old acquaintance who I happened to meet in our marvellous new theatre on Wednesday – the first day the RST opened to the public. I was absolutely delighted to hear these words because they indeed sum up the truly fantastic experience the RSC is able to offer .

This was my second visit on the historic day. I had arrived shortly after 9.30am to collect my new swipe card (in time for my first theatre tours on Friday) and that done I just enjoyed mingling, listening to the buzz of general excitement and admiring the commitment and enthusiasm of all RSC colleagues on duty.

 Needless to say, I made a purchase from our marvellous new shop (which deserves a special blog of its own) and was then joined by my wife for coffee in the Riverside Cafe . The coffee was superb and (following a truly splendid dinner in the Rooftop Restaurant last Friday) confirmed that the RST provides catering par excellence. Glenda (my wife) thoroughly enjoyed going around the building and whilst appreciating everything that is new, was very pleased to be able to enter the Swan Reading Room once more. A visit up the Tower is on the list for a future date (but I DID have a sneak preview during training) and I KNOW Glenda will want to come on a Theatre Tour !

My own word for summing up the day and our new RST? “WOW !!!! ” Tony Boyd-Williams

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