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Shakespeare's Birthday Fireworks

Join us on Shakespeare’s 450th Birthday on 23 April for a magnificent free firework display.

Taking inspiration from Ben Jonson’s description of William Shakespeare as our ‘Star of Poets’,  we will launch our Shakespeare birthday festivities with a free fireworks display from the top of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Emergency Exit Arts, one of the country’s leading pyrotechnic creatives, brings you a stunning display inspired by Shakespeare’s greatest themes – love, treachery, joy, conflict and life’s triumph over death. The display will conclude with an astonishing depiction of Shakespeare’s face, lit up in flames.

Alive with music and sound, Stratford-upon-Avon will be spectacularly illuminated from our Waterside home.

Arrive at the Bancroft Gardens from 10.30pm.
The display will start at approximately 10.40pm.

There are still tickets available for Henry IV Part I on 23 April – why not go along to the show beforehand?

Find out more about the Fireworks

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How splendid to be able to look back and say “I was there”. What a marvellous atmosphere in our new main house auditorium before, during and after the very first full length production on the new stage of one of William Shakespeare’s plays. The KING LEAR company did us proud indeed as they took to the stage with the panache and assurance suggesting they had been performing on it for many months.

At the end of this historic performance, much cheering and a large section of the audience on their feet. Bravo indeed !

The entire company (including all backstage members) had been working flat out with technical rehearsals earlier in the week and the evening was also a triumph for our Lighting, Sound and Automation Departments. Those of us who greatly enjoyed the special event on 15th December last  (LIGHTS SOUND ACTION) know that Vince Herbert, Jeremy Dunn and Adam Harvey – together with their colleagues, had been awaiting their opportunity to show what marvellous technical effects audiences can now expect. A  great deal of planning and expertise had been involved and to  all concerned, a bravo is due for you as well.

I now await a similarly enjoyable experience with the restaging of ROMEO AND JULIET, as well as the special effects for the new productions in our 50th Birthday celebrations. 

It is certainly going to be quite a year!

Tony Boyd-Williams

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I could not but help think of these words this morning as I walked through crisp snow along the path that now leads from Holy Trinity Church to the Theatres. Although the recent heavy fall of snow has been inconvenient for colleagues trying to get into work at the RSC or patrons trying to get to either performances of MATILDA or Theatre Tours, the severe weather certainly does reflect the winters that William Shakespeare must have known when visiting or staying with family at Wilmcote.

What further splendid images he conjures up at the end of LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST!

“And milk comes frozen home in pail”

“When birds sit brooding in the snow”

Mind you, he also talks of “When blood is nipped and ways be foul”, as a reminder that a cold winter can certainly have an uncomfortable side. I hope I do not appear as an incurable romantic, but when I gazed at the Christmas card scene between Church and Theatres, I could not but help  thinking of other splendid words used by Shakespeare to describe this special time of the year:

” Some say that ever gainst that season comes

 Wherein our saviour’s birth is celebrated.

 The bird of dawning singeth all night long… 

The nights are wholesome ..so hallowed

 And so gracious is the time “.

I hope all who read this (wherever you spend Christmas ) have a truly merry one and a very happy New Year. As we all prepare to join in the RSC’s 50th birthday celebrations, we know we have so much to look forward to, and to reflect on this my next blog will have a Janus like approach. To be continued…

Season’s greetings to all!

Tony Boyd-Williams

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